May 19, 2004

Olympus unveils ultra-slim Ferrari camera

Melville, New York, May 18, 2004 – Olympus, official sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team, has introduced the Ferrari Digital Model 2004, the second in the Ferrari series of Olympus cameras to be officially sanctioned by Ferrari S.p.A.

The 3.2-megapixel Ferrari camera features an aluminum body finished in distinctive Ferrari Red.

For the 2004 model, Olympus collaborated with Ferrari designers for a period of six months to ensure that an authentic F1 look was achieved. A special finishing process that produces a deeper luster was used to better match the signature Ferrari red of Ferrari racing car bodies. The back of the camera body was given carbon-tone accents that have the same texture as the carbon fiber material used to create Ferrari F1 racing car bodies, and the side of the LCD monitor features the distinctive “Prancing Horse” logo of the Ferrari F1 team.

The startup screen displays a photo of a Ferrari F2004 Formula One racing machine and the roar of a Ferrari engine plays.

The Ferrari Digital Model is the slimmest, most compact digital camera Olympus has ever produced. Its flat metal body features clean, uncluttered lines and measures only 94mm (W) x 67mm (H) x 21.9mm (D) and weighs just 160 grams. Just like the Ferrari racecar, no extra weight has been added to the body in order to make it as ergonomic as possible.

Like the Ferrari Formula One racecar that drives back to the pits for a refueling and a tune up, the Ferrari Digital Model 2004 also comes with its own “garage”, a multi-function docking station that allows users to take full advantage of the large, high-quality LCD display by setting the camera upright and using it as an attractive photo stand.

Shipment of cameras is scheduled for late-July, 2004. The estimated price will be $999.95 (CAN).

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