Jeep Patriot and Compass to be discontinued in 2016

Today, at the FCA Investor Day, all the brands will be showing rough five-year plans presented by heads of each brand. We already gave you the lowdown on Chrysler earlier today.

Next up: Jeep.

Jeep is aiming to once again be the leading global brand of utilities. With new models last year and this year in the Cherokee and Renegade, Jeep still needs to expand its portfolio to attain its global leader goal.


  • Grand Cherokee (2015) – The next change made to the Jeep lineup will be a mid-cycle refresh of the Grand Cherokee, last getting attention with a refresh at the beginning of 2013.
  • Patriot/Compass (2016) – The often abhorred Patriot and Compass couple will be killed off in the second quarter of 2016.
  • C SUV (2016) – The above twins will be replaced by a new yet-unnamed C-segment SUV in the Jeep lineup, due when the Compass and Patriot are killed off.
  • Cherokee (2016) – The recently launched Cherokee will receive its first refresh in the third quarter of 2016.
  • Wrangler (2017) – Those hoping for a new Wrangler will get a brand new offroader in 2017. It could be a unibody affair but Jeep aims for the capable model to still retain its offroad prowess.
  • Renegade (2017) – The first refresh for the yet-to-launch Renegade will happen sometime in the middle of 2017.
  • Grand Cherokee (2017) – Just slightly more than a year after the Grand Cherokee receives a refresh, a brand new model will arrive in 2017. It will probably share many parts with the Chrysler full-size crossover due at the same time.
  • Grand Wagoneer (2018) – While we are still a full four years away, a new model named Grand Wagoneer will bring some history back to the Jeep brand. Previously, the company said it would be significantly better than the often hated Jeep Commander.

We will have more news on the FCA brands throughout the day.

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