Back under the Dodge umbrella, SRT will actually see model growth

At yesterday’s FCA Investor Day presentations, Chrysler brass laid out the next five years on a platter. We’ve already covered the changes for the Chrysler and Jeep brands.

Next up: Dodge.

In addition to SRT rejoining the Dodge fold, the Dodge team have made some cuts in order to clean up their brand image a tad. Avenger production ends this year as the Chrysler 200 looks to fill its shoes. Also, when the next generation of minivans are introduced in 2016, the Dodge Grand Caravan will be no longer as the Chrysler Town & Country will be the sole minivan in FCA’s North American portfolio.

Another model, the Journey, looks to have a future within the Dodge brand, maybe. Looking at the provided presentation, the D-segment crossover may get a serious rework along with a new title.


  • Charger/Charger SRT (2014/2015) – The full-size, rear-wheel drive Charger was revealed in New York last month, using the same bones as the old model with significantly revised bodywork. It will arrive on dealer lots in October with an SRT version following in January 2015.
  • Viper (2015) – The Dodge Viper makes its return thanks to the realignment of SRT back into the House of Dodge. In July of next year, a Viper refresh will be rolling out to dealer lots.
  • Dart/Dart SRT (2016) – The compact Dart will be in for a significant redesign in 2016 as Dodge looks to refine the product. Six months later, Dodge will release an SRT version of the Dart, something that hasn’t been done with a compact at Dodge since the Caliber SRT4.
  • Journey/D-segment SUV (2016) – This is the point where things at Dodge start to get muddy. The Journey, currently based on the existing minivan platform, will probably be expected to replace the outgoing Dodge Grand Caravan in some fashion, even if the new product is a bit more meaty. And since the new Journey, or whatever it will be called, is expected to be replaced in 2016 – the same year as the minivan architecture – we can deduce Dodge’s D-segment plans will still be tied to the minivans in some form.
  • Durango (2017) – There isn’t much going on at Dodge in 2017 except for a refresh for the Durango.
  • B Sedan/Hatch (2018) – It looks like Chrysler will finally have something to compete in the B-segment in 2018 in both sedan and hatch forms. The new, unnamed model will sit below the Dart.
  • Charger/Challenger (2018) – Coinciding with the new Chrysler 300 due at the same time, the Dodge Charger and Challenger will get their first real major overhaul since being introduced under the former Daimler regime. Both models will get SRT versions.

Bonus: the following image comes directly from the Dodge product slides shown at the conference and available for download. An old white man pulling a burnout while flipping the bird. Yup.



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