Details emerge regarding FCA’s five-year future at Investor Day today

Today belongs to the newly-born FCA as group CEO Sergio Marchionne lays out the future of the now-global automaker for the next five years.

First up: the Chrysler brand.

According to the official chart above, the next five years sees Chrysler adding new models and getting some electrified options as the automaker, at least in North America, is in dire need of hybrid models.


  • 300/C Sedan (2014) – A refresh is planned for Chrysler’s full-size sedan later this year.
  • 100 Sedan (2016) – Chrysler will get a new sedan, the same size as the Dodge Dart, to do battle with Corolla and Civic.
  • Town & Country MPV (2016) – A new/significantly revised Town & Country minivan will arrive in 2016 with a hybrid option. Also, the Dodge Grand Caravan will be dropped. The new minivan architecture will probably still be shared with the Journey.
  • 200 Sedan (2017) – The recently shown Chrysler 200 already has a refresh planned for 2017.
  • Full-Size Crossover (2017) – A full-size crossover will join the range of vehicles available under the Chrysler marque in 2017, much like the cancelled Aspen. Expect it to share bones with the Durango. It will also get a hybrid option.
  • Mid-Size Crossover (2018) – Another crossover will join the full-size model a year later, probably sharing many bits with the Jeep Cherokee.
  • 300/C Sedan (2018) – A brand new Chrysler 300 will join the range in 2018, probably along with a new Charger.

We’ll have more news as it becomes available throughout the day.

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