Toronto, Ontario – Goodyear Canada has named Nova Scotia resident Leslee Nicholson as “Canada’s Longest Commuter” for the 430-km drive she makes three days a week to her job in Halifax. Nicholson spends 27 hours driving and average of $150 on gas every week.

Goodyear launched the search for Canada’s longest commute in September, to raise awareness of the lengths many Canadians travel to and from work, and the importance of road safety. A poll commissioned by the tire manufacturer found that 25 per cent of commuters surveyed said they would accept a pay cut if it meant a shorter commute to work, while 13 per cent said they have wanted to quit their job because of the drive. The maximum amount of commuting time picked by most respondents that they would be willing to drive to and from work each day is under 30 minutes, while only 13 per cent said they could handle a 60- to 90-minute round trip.

Nicholson will receive $5,000 worth of prizes, including new Goodyear tires, gas money, and a range of maintenance services and products.

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