March 27, 2007

Nova Scotia introduces environmental act

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Mark Parent, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment and Labour, has introduced an act with more than twenty objectives to help the province become cleaner and more sustainable. The Act Respecting Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity includes the province adopting emissions standards for greenhouse gases and air pollutants from new motor vehicles; while the standards were not specified, it states “such as the standard adopted by the State of California by the year 2010.”

“This act builds on some of the best work government and the private sector have done on the environment and the economy in the past few years,” says Parent. “This act recognizes that our environmental assets are the foundation of our long-term prosperity.”

The objectives include adopting emissions standards for new motor vehicles by 2010; reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 10 per cent less than 1990 levels, which is 35 per cent lower than projected 2020 levels; implementing a policy preventing new loss of wetlands by 2009; developing and adopting a sustainable procurement policy for government by 2009; ensuring 18.5 per cent of electricity will come from renewable sources by 2013; and legally protecting 12 per cent of the province’s land mass by 2015. The act commits to raising Nova Scotia’s economic performance to the Canadian average or better by 2010.

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