Toronto, Ontario – Leasing only accounts for 14 per cent of non-luxury new-vehicle transactions in Canada, but several manufacturers are still offering the option, according to a new report by J.D. Power and Associates.

Volkswagen’s year-to-date lease penetration of 43.3 per cent is by far the highest among non-luxury nameplates, peaking to just below 46 per cent in August 2009.

In comparison, the second-highest lease penetration in August was Subaru, at 34.3 per cent.

Nissan’s leasing activity steadily increased from June to September, with an overall increase of nearly five percentage points over the four-month span, although its year-to-date lease penetration of 18.8 per cent was the lowest among non-luxury nameplates.

Toyota’s monthly lease penetration, approximately one-third of all of its transactions, remained fairly consistent during the four-month period. In contrast, its finance penetration increased from 38.5 per cent in June to 45.6 per cent in September.

Honda’s year-to-date lease penetration of 27.6 per cent reflects a more balanced approach as the company strives to bring equality to its sales portfolio, the report said.

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