November 2, 2006

Nissan’s Tennessee plant receives environmental recognition

Smyrna, Tennessee – Nissan North America’s automotive manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tennessee has received recognition for outstanding environmental accomplishments by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Nissan received the Hazardous Waste Management Award for drastic reductions in hazardous waste generation. Since 2003, the plant has reduced the amount of hazardous waste per vehicle by nearly 30 per cent. “Colour blocking” during the vehicle painting process has reduced the volume of purge solvent, and resulted in a savings of over US$1 million.

The company also received an Achievement Certificate for successful practices in recycling and reducing wastes destined for off-site landfills; Smyrna’s landfill waste decreased from 10,974 metric tonnes in 2004 to 7,569 metric tonnes in 2005. The company’s target is 97 per cent recycling of waste in 2006.

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