Yokohama, Japan – Nissan has introduced its next-generation vehicle engineering concept, named the Nissan Common Module Family (CMF). Vehicles developed using the CMF strategy are scheduled to enter the marketplace from 2013.

The CMF concept combines modular engineering with Nissan’s own engineering technologies, including simulation and variation engineering, along with simplicity that will help to create cost reductions in vehicle development amid increasing calls for environmental and safety improvements that often increase costs. Through the introduction of CMF, Nissan expects to dramatically raise the appeal of its products and significantly expand its sales volume.

CMF entails the use of four modules – engine compartment, cockpit, front underbody and rear underbody – as well as the architecture for electronic components, with each module having appropriate variations. Vehicles are designed by combining these modules in different ways. Depending on the module configuration, vehicles from compacts to SUVs can be efficiently designed.

Nissan has committed to introducing 90 new technologies by 2016, and the launch of CMF will facilitate the simultaneous and cost-effective application of technologies across several models, instead of clustered into higher-end segments.

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