August 5, 2004

Nissan unveils Hybrid Altima prototype

San Francisico – Nissan unveiled a prototype of the 2007 Altima Hybrid on Wednesday. The car is scheduled to be introduced in 2006 for the U.S. market.

The Hybrid Alitma features a combination of Nissan’s four-cylinder gasoline engine and hybrid system components supplied by Toyota Motor Corporation. Nissan says the Altima Hybrid will achieve the acceleration performance of a V6 engine with the fuel efficiency of a compact car.

In September 2002, Nissan and Toyota signed a basic agreement that Nissan will produce 100,000 hybrid vehicles within a five-year period. Toyota will supply the hybrid system components (transaxle, inverter, battery, and control unit), and Nissan will develop the engine and unit adaptation. This prototype model is the first completed by Nissan under the agreement.

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