December 11, 2002

Nissan unveils fuel cell-powered X-Trail FCV Vehicle

Nissan X-Trail FCV
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Tokyo, Japan – A Nissan X-TRAIL FCV fuel cell vehicle powered by a UTC Fuel Cells (UTCFC) hydrogen power plant was unveiled in Tokyo yesterday. The vehicle is the first produced under agreements signed between Nissan and UTC Fuel Cells to develop fuel cells and fuel cell components for vehicles.

The zero-emissions X-TRAIL FCV is a hybrid vehicle drawing primary power from a 75-kilowatt UTCFC ambient pressure fuel cell power plant. It is fueled by compressed hydrogen. Nissan intends to start public road testing of the vehicle in Japan.

A fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity efficiently and without emissions. The power plant incorporates UTCFC’s proprietary ambient pressure fuel cell technology that better manages the water produced by the fuel cell. UTCFC is the only fuel cell company developing ambient pressure fuel cell technology for transportation applications.

The performance of UTC Fuel Cells’ design was proven at the 2001 Michelin Challenge Bibendum, an annual event where new automotive technologies are evaluated by independent judges. A sport utility vehicle powered by a 75- kilowatt UTC Fuel Cells’ ambient pressure fuel cell system scored best in class in both quietness and efficiency.

UTC Fuel Cells has been developing fuel cells for transportation applications since 1996. Its partnerships have included developing and producing 5-kilowatt fuel cell power plants for BMW. The units now provide auxiliary electrical power for prototype Series 7 BMW automobiles.

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