EsflowRolle, Switzerland – Nissan has presented photos of its Esflow electric sports car, which it will formally unveil at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The rear-wheel drive two-seater uses two electric motors, each driving one of the rear wheels, with laminated lithium ion batteries and technologies pioneered in the electric Leaf.

The Esflow is able to achieve zero to 100 km/h in less than five seconds and will go more than 240 kilometres on a charge, the company said.

The car is not an existing internal combustion engine vehicle that has been adapted to run on electricity, but designed from the outset as a zero emission vehicle. It features a long hood, wraparound windshield, a compact cabin that places the occupants directly on the centre of gravity, and six-spoke wheels with ultra-low-profile tires. It uses a composite body over an aluminum chassis that incorporates its own roll cage.

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