October 2, 2007

Nissan to test real-time “slip-hazard” warning system

Nissan's slip-hazard warning system will use this Carwings navigation interface
Nissan’s slip-hazard warning system will use this Carwings navigation interface.

Tokyo, Japan – Nissan Motor Company has announced it will test a new “slip-hazard” warning system in Northern Japan. The system combines data from an intelligent transport system (ITS) and the vehicle’s anti-lock braking system to issue real-time voice alerts as the vehicle approaches a slippery point in the road.

The test is part of Mazda’s ITS project, which has been ongoing since October 2006, and involves customer vehicle participation to help reduce traffic collisions and congestions. The project is intended to evaluate the tolerances in the system under real-world driving conditions.

Nissan is expecting about 100 vehicles, equipped with Carwings navigation system, to provide the necessary driving sample data for the project. In addition to the slip-hazard warning, the Carwings system also offers traffic information and route navigation. The company hopes to offer a real-time map of slippery areas relative to the vehicle’s current position, based on data received via the Carwings communications system. The company will also compile statistical data based on the locations of reported skid collisions from past and the most recent years.

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