April 19, 2007

Nissan to launch diesel Maxima in the U.S. in 2010

Washington, D.C. – Nissan has announced plans to launch its first clean diesel engine in the U.S., for use in the Nissan Maxima in 2010. The vehicle will be powered by an all-new Alliance engine co-developed with partner Renault; the engine will meet stringent EPA Tier II Bin 5 emissions requirements. The company says it will announce full details, include the launch date, at a later time.

“Nissan is fully engaged in reducing emissions and improving fuel economy and efficiency,” says Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. “Launching a clean diesel engine in the U.S. will offer customers the benefits of fuel economy, CO2 reduction and a satisfying, fun-to-drive performance that is a hallmark of the Nissan brand. You can expect to see more diesel engines in our product line-up in Europe, Japan, North America and China by fiscal year 2010.”

Nissan already offers clean diesel engines in Europe, with the ability to run on biodiesel fuel blends. During the first half of fiscal year 2007, it will introduce the new Euro 4-compliant, 2.0-litre-class diesel engine in Europe.

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