Tokyo, Japan – Nissan Motor Company Limited has announced it will issue its Green Procurement Guidelines in April, which will define a set of environmental protocols to augment the Nissan-Renault Purchasing Way. The guidelines will apply to all global parts and materials suppliers.

The newly-issued Nissan Green Procurement Guideline replaces a previous set of standards issued in 2001. The new document includes guidelines for reducing substances that affect the environment, adhering to Green Procurement Guidelines through Tier 2 or upstream suppliers, and management of auto parts and materials supplied to Nissan-related companies. This management will include changes in methodology of parts and materials data management, and data reporting on CO2 emissions in the parts manufacturing process.

In anticipation of more stringent regulations in the future, Nissan is working to reduce or eradicate the use of certain substances in all new models, including heavy metal compounds such as mercury, lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and in-cabin volatile organic compounds.

Nissan will monitor the performance of its suppliers to ensure that they are in compliance with the guidelines set.

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