September 14, 2004

Nissan to introduce new small car in 2007

Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan Canada announced a new small-vehicle segment strategy
in response to changing consumer tastes in the Canadian market.

In addition to the next generation Sentra to be introduced in 2006, Nissan announced
its intention to introduce at least one all-new vehicle responding to new customer
needs for smaller cars. Current examples of this type of vehicle include the Nissan
Cube (Japan) and Nissan March/Micra (Japan, Europe). This all-new vehicle, smaller
than the Sentra, will be introduced in North America in 2007.

“We’re excited about these new opportunities to expand our presence in the
compact-car segment,” said Brad Bradshaw President, Nissan Canada. “Nissan Canada
recognizes the importance of this segment and we’ve evolved the Sentra to meet the
changing needs of Canadian consumers”.

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