Yokohama, Japan – Nissan has announced it will introduce an all-new global compact car on its innovative new V-Platform technology at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. The company said it will break traditions that focus on launching production in established markets like the U.S., Europe and Japan, and will instead start production of a completely new model at overseas manufacturing sites such as India, China and Thailand.

To achieve this goal, the company will incorporate an all-new production process that will maintain high quality levels, great packaging and competitive pricing. The company said the project was borne out of three critical factors: growing customer needs for compact cars in emerging markets, the fact that Nissan has not had a strong presence in a segment that occupies more than 20 per cent of the world market, and the opportunity to utilize both global reach and technical capabilities.

The V-Platform will also be incorporated into at least two other models over the next three years, through a team of specialists with industry-leading experience and know-how in production, localization and product planning.

“We made the decision to build a series of cars in countries that transcended all markets, and in so doing, will be a superb combination of functionality, modernity, good design and handling, roominess and status satisfaction,” said project leader Vincent Cobee. “The fact that we will not launch these cars from Japan, Europe or the U.S. will have absolutely no impact on their quality. Our proven, global high-quality production system has guaranteed world-class standards.”

Cobee said that one million vehicles per year, based on the V-Platform at the project’s full ramp-up, is well within the company’s reach. Nissan will reveal its new global compact at Geneva, with other models based on the same platform to follow soon after.

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