December 14, 2007

Nissan to debut cruise control and navigation based on traffic conditions in Japan

Tokyo, Japan – Nissan Motor Company has announced it will introduce two pioneering technologies on its new Fuga, set for release in Japan this month. The company says that its Distance Control Assist and navigation-enabled Intelligent Cruise Control systems are a world’s first.

The new Distance Control Assist helps control the distance between two vehicles under various traffic conditions, from congested urban roads to high-speed expressways, using route information from the on-board navigation system. The assist system can monitor the vehicle’s cruising speed to match actual road conditions, such as the sharpness of an upcoming road curve.

The Intelligent Cruise Control uses information from a radar sensor installed in the front bumper. The system controls the following distance appropriately, using the driver’s pre-set speed as the maximum limit. Previous systems functioned only within the range of approximately 5 to 100 km/h, while the new system functions across the full-speed range, starting from zero, and is capable of activating the brakes in order to stop the vehicle under certain traffic conditions. It also uses information from the navigation system to modulate the vehicle’s speed in anticipation of curves in the road. When approaching a curve, it gradually decelerates, and then seamlessly resumes its original speed as it clears the turn onto a straight road.

When both Distance Control Assist and Intelligent Cruise Control are installed, the driver can select either function setting using a wheel-mounted switch.

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