Winnipeg, Manitoba – Nissan Canada is entering an agreement to help plan a battery charging network in Manitoba.

Nissan, the Government of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro will work together to help plan the network, potentially incorporating Manitoba’s existing recharging infrastructure and promoting the use of zero-emission vehicles in the province.

The agreement brings together representatives from each organization to identify opportunities to encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles. As part of the agreement, the partners will work together to further advance potential from the existing battery charging network in the province, and will discuss possible incentives for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure providers and users. All parties also agree on the importance of public education activities to promote EV use, and that regulatory changes may also help to achieve success.

“Manitoba has a road map for a fossil fuel-free future, and this agreement is another milestone along that pathway,” said David Chomiak, Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines. “Electric vehicles could present a significant opportunity to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Manitoba and benefit our economy by allowing us to replace imported fossil fuel with our own clean, renewable hydroelectricity as an affordable energy source for our cars.”

Nissan has formed partnerships with 95 governments, cities and other organizations worldwide to advance the deployment of EVs.

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