Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan Canada will open its online reservation system at noon on October 22, 2011 for the Nissan Leaf all-electric car. 

Reservations are open to those who live within 65 km of any of the 27 certified Leaf dealers across Canada, and who registered on Nissan Leaf before October 9, 2011.

The company’s first allotment 2012 models will be 350 Leafs that will begin delivery in the coming months. The 2012 models will be identical in specification and pricing to the 2011 models, starting at $38,395. The Leaf is eligible for provincial rebates of $8,500 in Ontario and $8,000 in Quebec.

“We’re already well into the delivery of the first Nissan Leafs to Canadian consumers and the feedback has echoed excitement at being at the forefront of the electric mobility movement and pure driving pleasure,” said Judy Wheeler, director of marketing at Nissan Canada. “We learned through the first wave of reservations that Canadians are very serious about the Nissan Leaf. The majority of those who ‘reserved’ a car have either completed their purchase or are continuing through the purchase process.”

If more than 350 people decide to purchase the Leaf, they will be first in line for the next wave of reservations, which will open in the spring of 2012. Nissan expects to release about 600 of the 2012 model year Leaf in Canada.

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