September 13, 2002

Nissan launches global advertising campaign

Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan will begin a global advertising campaign this month aimed at convincing consumers that Nissan is a revitalized company. The campaign features ads that ask consumers to ‘shift’ the way they view driving, Nissan products and the Nissan brand.

“SHIFT_ emotionally communicates the premise that ‘a shift can change a person, a life, the world, or it can simply change the way you move through it’,” said Ian Forsyth, Director, Marketing for Nissan Canada Inc. “For the Quebec market, we will use ‘Découvrir’ to communicate this new direction for Nissan…”

“SHIFT_ has the flexibility to be customized regionally throughout the world,” said Forsyth. “Europe is using ‘SHIFT_ expectations’, while Japan will use ‘SHIFT_ the future’.”

“The goal of these initiatives is to create a consistent and cohesive Nissan visual identity, while also improving customer satisfaction and loyalty”, he added.

Forsyth said Nissan’s brand resurgence will be fueled by numerous new products that will launch in the next year. The first of those products, launched in mid-August, is the new-generation 350Z. Quick to follow in December will be the all-new Murano, a crossover SUV. These introductions will be followed in 2003 by an all-new Maxima, a new Z Convertible, an all-new Quest minivan, and Nissan’s first-ever full-size truck and sport-utility vehicle.

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