Nissan Pedal Meter
Nissan Pedal Meter.

Tokyo, Japan – Nissan has unveiled its ECO Pedal system, a world first technology, designed to assist drivers in becoming more fuel-efficient. When the system is on, a counter push-back control mechanism is activated if the driver exerts excess pressure on the accelerator, helping to inform the driver that he or she could be using more fuel than required.

An eco-driving indicator integrated into the instrument panel provides the driver with real-time fuel consumption levels to help improve driving behaviour. The ECO Pedal system can be turned off if the driver prefers.

Nissan reported that the system can help improve fuel efficiency by five to 10 per cent, depending on driving conditions; it plans to commercialize the system during 2009.

The ECO Pedal system receives data on the rate of fuel consumption and transmission efficiency during acceleration and cruising, and then calculates the optimum acceleration rate. When the driver exerts excess pressure on the accelerator, the system counteracts with the pedal push-backcontrol mechanism. The eco-driving indicator is green when driving within the optimal fuel consumption range; it begins to flash when it detects increased acceleration before reaching the fuel consumption threshold, and finally turns to amber to advise the driver of the driving behaviour.

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