March 31, 2006

Nissan demonstrates fuel cell vehicle at Globe 2006 Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia – Nissan will demonstrate its X-Trail Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) at Globe 2006, a biennial trade fair and conference on business and the environment, which runs until today in Vancouver.

The X-Trail FCV arrived in Canada in February for testing in and around the Greater Vancouver Area, as part of Nissan’s initiative to assess the new 70-megapascal high-pressure hydrogen-powered vehicle. It is the company’s most recently developed FCV and uses the first-ever Nissan-constructed fuel cell stack.

A previous 2003 model offered a cruising range of 350 km, but with improved stack efficiency and a 30 per cent increase in storage capacity, the new X-Trail FCV is expected to achieve a cruising range of more than 500 km. Nissan has been working on FCV development since 1996 and has conducted public road driving tests in Japan since 2002. The company also began leasing to a limited number of customers in 2004.

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