Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan Canada has received an award for its Hypercube campaign, which engaged Canadians through social media as they vied to win one of 50 Nissan Cubes. The company was recognized with a silver award in the Engagement Award category by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

“Hypercube was a calculated leap of faith for us and it’s great to be recognized by our peers for its success,” said Jeff Parent, vice-president of sales and marketing for Nissan Canada. “With a product as unique as Cube, we needed a relevant way to engage and interact with our target audience of creative, socially-connected Canadians. We were also interested in finding a different way of selling cars, something beyond the 30-second spot. Hypercube was a perfect fit.”

Over the four-month campaign, the Hypercube Web site received 330,000 hits, with 59 per cent of those referred by others, compared to just 10 per cent on a typical site. Custom surveys indicated that awareness of the Cube rose from 12 to 32 per cent among its target demographic in just four months. Hypercube also generated 30,000 Tweets, 35,000 YouTube video views, and 10,000 Flickr image views.

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