August 15, 2003

Nissan Canada donates $50,000 to forest fire relief fund

Toronto, Ontario – Nissan Canada has donated $50,000 to the North Thompson Relief Fund. The fund has now topped the $1 million plateau set by the fund’s founder, Nissan dealer George Evans.

Since the fund was started by Evans 12 days ago, corporations and individuals have answered the call to the tune of more than $900,000. Nissan Canada’s donation tops the goal set by Evans last week. “I’m absolutely delighted that Nissan met our goal,” said Evans. “The victims of this disaster will now have the tools to rebuild their lives.”

Evans explained that the fund is designed to help people with goods and services rather than cash handouts. Victims are invited to apply to the fund for what they need and fund administrators will purchase the product or service for them.

“All receipts will be stamped ‘no cash refund’,” said Evans. “We are not just handing out money.”

He also explained that there are no administration fees attached to his fund. Every dollar collected goes directly to the victims.

Evans explained that the first donation to the fund came from himself for $1,500. Later that day, the local shopping centre, Aberdene Mall, donated $5,000.

“Everybody started donating after that,” said Evans. “We average 60 to 100 donations a day.” The largest private donation came from an individual in Victoria, BC for $15,000.

The fund received its registered charity status today, a mere four days after its application was received. The usual turnaround time is six months.

And Evans isn’t stopping. He has raised the bar to $1.5 million now and is planning a star-studded benefit concert at the Sportmart Place arena in November.

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