Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan Canada has awarded 50 all-new Cubes to the winners of its Hypercube contest, which required contestants to create unique social media campaigns featuring the vehicle.

The 50 winners were selected from 500 finalists from across the country, and were named at events simulcast in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

“Hypercube is exceptional for Nissan because we are engaging with our consumers in such a relevant, unique and interactive way,” said Jeff Parent, vice-president of sales and marketing. “The 500 finalists created an extensive online community that interacted with each other, and their local communities, and really spread the word about the Nissan Cube. It’s a very exciting evening to now be able to announce the winners.”

The winners will receive their vehicles from local dealerships in the coming weeks. To see the blogs and entries, visit Hypercube.

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