Beijing, China – Nissan has announced it will establish a new design studio in Beijing, the first design facility in China established by a Japanese automaker.

Nissan (China) Investment Company, a Nissan subsidiary in China, is scheduled to open the facility early in 2011, at an equivalent cost of US$1.7 million.

“With the addition of twenty designers, Nissan’s new studio will enhance our design capabilities, as well as our product competitiveness in China and Asia where the automotive industry continues to see robust growth,” said Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer and senior vice-president of design. “Locating the studio where our customers live and work allows us to best respond to their needs and design vehicles that exceed their expectations.”

The studio will be part of the global network of Nissan design centres, which includes two facilities in Japan, and one each in San Diego, California and in London, England.

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