Mississauga, Ontario – Nissan Canada has announced pricing for the all-electric Leaf, which will go on sale in select markets starting at $38,395.

Customers in Ontario are eligible for a provincial government rebate of $8,500, while Quebec customers quality for $8,000 toward the cost of a Leaf, the maximum amount available.

“The pricing announcement today brings us one step closer to the Nissan Leaf officially arriving on Canadian streets this fall for consumers, and the interest from Canadians demonstrates their desire for a viable zero-emission choice,” said Ian Forsyth, Nissan Canada’s EV project manager. “In addition to driving one of the most innovative and fun-to-drive cars in the market, Nissan Leaf owners will have the added benefit of a fraction of the operating costs of traditional gas-powered and hybrid vehicles.”

Nissan said that the cost per kilometre of a Leaf is about 80 per cent lower than that of a very fuel-efficient car. As well, it does not need oil changes and requires less maintenance work. The company said that a car with an internal combustion engine and average fuel efficiency of 8.0 L/100 km will cost about $1,760 in gas per year, assuming a price of $1.10 per litre and a distance of 20,000 kilometres a year, while a Leaf driven the same distance will cost approximately $320 per year when calculated at $0.11 per kWh of electricity.

The Leaf will be offered as the SV trim, in $38,395 with numerous standard features including a cold-weather package, and the SL trim, at $39,995. The SL can be optioned with a quick-charge port for $900.

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