Toronto, Ontario – Nissan Canada has announced a new social media campaign that will award 50 all-new Cube models. The “Hypercube” campaign will celebrate, recognize and reward “social creativity” in Canada.

Creative thinkers can get on stage with other talented individuals at Hypercube, and engage with the Nissan Cube community on Twitter or Facebook.

“In the spirit of creative thinking, we are taking a new approach to launching the Cube that is exclusive to the Canadian market,” said Jeff Parent, vice-president of sales and marketing. “Rather than relying on traditional advertising models, our entire campaign is being built around social media to engage with the creative class across Canada, whose members personify the Cube brand. We will be rewarding original thinkers who are fuelling our spirit with a new car that epitomizes originality.”

The call for entries is open to anyone who considers themselves creative, hip, interesting or unique, including musicians, DJs, dancers, programmers, designers, bloggers, podcasters, poets, writers, storytellers and artists.

Entrants must register on the Hypercube website and complete a survey, expressing why they should be selected to audition. Survey entries will be scored, and a maximum of 1,000 entrants will be selected as initial finalists. The top 500 scoring finalists from this group will be selected to audition through an online “canvas” that illustrates their talents, skills and characteristics. A panel of judges will select 50 from across Canada to receive a 2009 Nissan Cube. The call for entries will close in April 8, 2009, with the Cube recipients announced in mid-June.


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