June 5, 2006

Nissan and Suzuki expand business collaboration

Tokyo, Japan – Nissan and Suzuki have announced an expansion of their business collaboration, which may include a new Suzuki-branded compact pickup truck for the North American market.

The arrangement will expand on the existing collaboration between the two, under which Suzuki supplies mini-cars to Nissan, and Nissan’s affiliate company Jatco Ltd. supplies automatic transmissions to Suzuki. The companies are looking at several possible projects, including a minivan supplied by Nissan to Suzuki for the Japanese market at the end of 2006; a new Suzuki mini-vehicle to Nissan for Japan; a Nissan compact pickup truck for Suzuki to sell in the North American market from 2008; a new A-segment Suzuki vehicle for Nissan to sell in Europe; and a manufacturing collaboration in new emerging markets by sharing manufacturing facilities, starting with Suzuki’s plant in India.

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