Two-door offering, still riding on bones of the old sedan, probably won’t continue.

When an executive within a car company speaks death of one of their models, you can usually take those words to the bank.

Asked about the continuation of the Altima Coupe, Nissan brand sales boss, Al Castignetti, told Automotive News that the company will probably discontinue the two-door offering. This on the heels of sales numbers showing the Altima taking leader status in mid-size sales last month in the US, besting the Toyota Camry.

The race for mid-size supremacy is on and Castignetti believes Toyota can no longer rest on its laurels.

“The message that’s clear in our achievement is that the mid-sized segment no longer has a mammoth in it. We’re all good now. We’re all scrapping for a piece of the pie. It’s going to be harder now for anybody to dominate the segment, and it’s going to be naive for anybody who used to be the sales leader to think they can just sit back and dominate.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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