September 29, 2005

NHTSA releases list of 2006 vehicles for crash and rollover testing

Washington, D.C. – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a list of 2006 model-year passenger vehicles it will be testing for frontal and side crash safety tests. A total of 41 passenger cars, 21 SUVs, five vans and ten pickups will be tested. When the test results are completed by spring 2006, consumers will have access to frontal crash test ratings for about 83 per cent of all 2006 offerings, and side impact safety information for about 69 per cent.

The agency will also provide rollover ratings for 18 passenger cars, 25 SUVs, four vans and nine pickups. Together with vehicles already tested, NHTSA will provide rollover safety information for approximately 81 per cent of all 2006 U.S. passenger vehicles.

The agency uses a rating system of one to five stars for easy vehicle-to-vehicle comparisons. A list of all vehicles that will be tested is available at

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