September 23, 2004

Next generation GM StabiliTrak to control steering, brakes and suspension

Le Castellet, France – General Motors unveiled an enhanced stability system designed to enhance a driver’s ability to safely make emergency lane changes without losing control and provide surer footing during inclement weather.

The enhanced system, to be marketed as StabiliTrak 3.0, will make its debut on a future Cadillac.

“This next version of StabiliTrak will be GM’s first to electronically control suspension, steering and braking at the same time,” said Larry Burns, vice president of Research and Development and Planning. “No system can overcome the laws of physics, but by enhancing driver control in difficult driving conditions, this system will make drivers feel more confident than ever, thereby enhancing their driving enjoyment. In addition to enhancing driver control in difficult driving conditions, it will safely make driving even more fun than it is today.”

StabiliTrak 3.0 incorporates GM’s first application of an electronic supervisor control system and active front steering to further improve overall handling and maneuverability.

StabiliTrak 3.0 helps the driver maintain control by electronically comparing what the driver wants the car to do with how the car is actually responding. If the car isn’t responding the way the driver wants, or is in danger of spinning or skidding out of control, StabiliTrak 3.0 automatically engages the appropriate suspension, steering, and braking controls to help stabilize the car and help the driver retain control.

StabiliTrak 3.0 will provide the driver with greater ability to maintain control of the vehicle during difficult road conditions including ice, snow, gravel, wet pavement, and emergency lane changes or avoidance manoeuvres.

An active front steer system provides speed-variable gear ratio adjustment. It is GM’s first introduction of steering control using limited by-wire technology. The speed-variable steering gear ratio requires fewer steering wheel revolutions to park. In addition, high speed driving is less taxing, making long drives, in particular, easier on the driver.

GM first introduced StabiliTrak in 1997 in the Cadillac Seville STS, Deville ConCours and Eldorado ETC.

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