Guelph, Ontario – A new law mandating booster seats for children until their ninth birthday will become effective on July 1 in Newfoundland and Labrador. The legislation applies to children riding in cars, trucks, taxis, vehicles used by day care providers, and some school contract vehicles.

Provincial legislation requires that infants and toddlers use child car seats that meet Canadian standards until they weigh 18 kg (40 lbs).

As of July 1, parents and caregivers in the province will face a fine of $115 and two demerit points if their children are not properly restrained in booster seats. The seats are mandatory for children who have not reached their ninth birthday, weigh 18 to 37 kg (40 to 81 lbs) and are less than 145 cm (4-foot-9-inches) tall.

The Co-operators is holding free Buckle Up Bears car seat clinics in a number of communities in Newfoundland and throughout Canada. “Proper installation of children’s seats is more complicated than some people realize,” said Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO of The Co-operators. “In fact, more than 85 per cent of the seats inspected at our clinics last year were improperly installed. Our car seat inspectors can help make sure your little ones are protected.”

The Co-operators is donating 30 booster seats to low-income families in the province and has released an instructional DVD entitled Child Seat Safety Check. To order a DVD free of charge, contact

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