October 30, 2007

New York man claims record 2.6 million miles on his Volvo

Irvine, California – With 2.6 million miles (4.1 million km) on his 1966 Volvo P1800, Irv Gordon of East Patchogue, New York is aiming to achieve three million miles (4.8 million km) on the same car.

Gordon, a retired science teacher, bought his car in June 1966 and drove 1,500 miles (2,414 km) in the first 48 hours. With a daily commute of 125 miles (201 km) round trip and a dedication to vehicle maintenance, Gordon logged 500,000 miles (804,672 km) in ten years. In 1998, with 1.69 million miles (2.7 million km), he made the Guinness Book of World Records for the most miles driven by a single owner in a non-commercial vehicle.

“My goal is to reach three million miles in the next five years,” Gordon says. “But whether I reach that mark is more up to me than it is the car. The car’s parts may be able to take it, but I’m not so sure about my own. I turn 72 on July 15, 2012. That seems like a nice day to clock three million and park the car once and for all. It will be a fantastic testament to the engineering genius of Volvo as well as to the resiliency of folks my age.”

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