April 8, 2004

New York auto show

Infiniti M45 concept will be close to 2006 M45

New York, New York – The Infiniti M45 Concept, which made its world debut here, offers an advanced look into the future design and technology direction of Infiniti, said the company.

Infiniti M45 concept

Infiniti M45 concept
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“The M45 Concept is an expression of power, refinement, technology and style – all the things that make Infiniti owners’ hearts pound,” said Mark Igo, vice president and general manager, Infiniti Division. “We have captured the soul of the Infiniti brand, expressing it in unique, forward thinking ways in the M45 Concept – most of which will appear in the new 2006 M45, which is scheduled to arrive in spring 2005.”

The M45 Concept features a 340-horsepower 4.5-litre V8, taken from the flagship Infiniti Q45, along with a new generation of the FM (Front Mid-ship) platform currently used on the G35 sedan, G35 coupe and FX premium crossover SUV. Approximately 60 percent of the platform design and components have been enhanced for use with the M45 Concept.

The redefined platform is designed to accommodate the M45 Concept’s 4.5-litre V8 engine or a 3.5-litre V6, continuing to position the engine behind the front axle. As in current applications, this positioning results in an optimized front-to-rear weight balance, which factors in weight transfer during key handling maneuvers. Also like the production FM platform, the M45 Concept’s large diameter wheels and tires are positioned out near the corners of the vehicle, providing an extra measure of handling stability. The M45 Concept’s suspension is an independent double-wishbone design in front and multi-link independent in the rear.

The M45 Concept also showcases a new Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system. The system recognizes lane markings and calculates the lateral distance between the vehicle and the lane marking, along with vehicle speed relative to the marking, and generates an audible signal to warn the driver of a pending, unintended lane departure. Engagement of the turn signals turns off the system and it also includes a driver cancel switch.

“As we transition the M45 from concept car into our 2006 production vehicle, we’ll look at a range of models that will satisfy individual needs and preferences – V8 or V6, all-wheel or rear-wheel drive, sports or luxury,” said Igo.

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