April 7, 2004

New York auto show

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class unveiled

New York, New York – Mercedes-Benz introduced a restyled C-Class at the New York auto show. The 2005 C-Class “offers significant interior and exterior enhancements that improve both the visual appeal and the overall driving experience,” said the company. The new C-Class will go on sale in May.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
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The interior of the C-Class receives a significant overhaul. All C-Class models receive a new dashboard, all-new four-gauge instrument cluster, new steering wheel, new centre console, and seats that have been redesigned for more comfort and support. Luxury variants receive enhanced and enriched wood trim with front seats that feature a new adjustable lumbar support and a multicontouring option.

The polarization of the C-Class models into two distinct ‘themes’ — Luxury and Sport — is continued in the 2005 model year.

To update the exterior of the Luxury sedans and wagons, new body styling – – such as that found on the 2004 model year sport sedan — will become standard on all models, lending a fresh and contemporary look to the already stylish vehicles. Sport sedans receive new AMG body styling from the model year 2004 C32 AMG as standard, while the sport coupes receive new, more aggressive body styling and a new perforated grille. Each C-Class also receives redesigned clear headlamps and revised tail lamps to further enhance the updated exterior.

The C-Class offers improved agility and handling dynamics through special suspension tuning. The upgraded and lowered sport suspension and front brake system from the updated 2004 model year sport sedan are maintained in the model year 2005 sport sedan. A six-speed transmission with revised linkage is offered as standard on the sport sedan and sport coupe, offering a smoother transmission of power. A wider track width, achieved through the use of wider rear wheels and tires, further enhances the agility of the vehicle and the driving experience. All Luxury sedans are equipped with an exclusively styled new 16-inch wheel, while the Luxury wagon receives its own 16-inch wheel. The sport sedan maintains the 17-inch five-spoke wheel introduced with the mid-year updates to the 2004 model year sport sedan, while the sport coupe now has staggered-width wheels.

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