Guelph, Ontario – A new Canadian Web site promoting child seat safety has launched, introduced by The Co-operators and the Infant & Toddler Safety Association (ITSA) in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Buckle Up Bears car seat inspection program.

The Web site, Infant & Toddler Safety, contains educational materials such as printable brochures, checklists and videos designed to help adults learn the proper use of child car seats.

“This new site provides yet another avenue to ensure that parents and caregivers across the country can access important child safety information,” said Jayne Russell, manager of public relations for The Co-operators. “Our decade-long partnership with ITSA has proven that corporate and non-profit relationships work, and work well, for the betterment and safety of our communities.”

The site also includes Car Seat Safety Check, an instructional video released last year that provides step-by-step instructions for selecting appropriate car seats and installing them properly. The video is now available for the first time online.

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