S90 rumoured to debut next year

According to Motoring.com.au, the entire Volvo lineup – every single model – will be redesigned within the next three years. The product refresh will begin with the upcoming XC90, debuting in two weeks in Sweden.

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After the XC90 is revealed, a new S90 sedan will follow next year, with even the newest Volvo model – the V40 not available in Canada – getting a redesign within the three year time frame.

The S90 sedan is expected to be a replacement for the S80 and go head-to-head with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, possibly giving birth to a coupe variant as the brand’s flagship halo vehicle.

Also in 2015, Motoring.com.au foresees a redesign of the V80 and/or XC80 wagon/crossover variant, with a new XC60 SUV due in 2016.

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At the end of the three year blitz, Volvo is expected to debut a new S60 sedan and V60 wagon in addition to the aforementioned V40.


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