Herndon, Virginia – Volkswagen Group of America has announced the launch of a new micro site, www.responsiblemobility.com, which focuses on the company’s sustained mobility strategy. The new site comes as the Audi and Volkswagen brands prepare to embark upon a clean diesel strategy in all fifty U.S. states, and the company continues work on next-generation alternative energy innovations, such as biofuels and high-temperature fuel cells.

“We are a company with a tradition of combining the passion for driving with low fuel consumption, advanced technology, and a sense of responsibility for the future needs of our customers,” said Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America. “We see the sustainable future set against a series of technology horizons. We must leverage today’s technology while we continue to set our best minds to developing sustainable powertrains for the future. This is something Volkswagen Group does best.”

Among the company’s strategies are light-duty direct injection diesel engines, improved gasoline fuel economy, zero-emission vehicles and fuel research, including SunFuel, which can be manufactured from plant residue such as straw and mixed with clean diesel.

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