Miami, Florida – A new vehicle charging system that can potentially charge up to 100 cars simultaneously is expected to reach the market later this year.

The multi-car system, designed by Recharge Solutions International, is intended for use in high-rise buildings, multi-level garages, fleet operations, and other large garages such as in airports, hospitals and universities.

Unlike other electric car charging stations currently available in the U.S., the Recharge Solutions unit supports control and management of a network of multiple charging stations from a single, “smart” master control unit. The system can also be customized to suit such environments as valet parking and assigned or unassigned spaces, and can be expanded up to 100 cars charging simultaneously. The system can also be integrated into existing garages without interfering with normal operations.

Recharge Solutions has entered into an agreement with California-based ClipperCreek, one of the largest charging unit manufacturers in the U.S., to initially modify its existing CS-40 charger and to manufacture the new system. The fully-integrated, centrally-controlled system will be available by the fourth quarter of 2011.

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