April 19, 2004

New Uniroyal Tiger Paw touring tires have improved tread life

Laval, Quebec – Uniroyal Canada has introduced a new Tiger Paw Touring line of tires
with improved durability.

“This next-generation of Uniroyal tire delivers exceptional treadlife, excellent
dependability on wet and dry pavement and the added peace of mind of a great mileage
warranty,” says Marie-France Lechasseur, Brand Manager, Uniroyal Canada. “Customers
looking for a dependable tire from a respected brand at a fair price will find the
perfect answer in the Tiger Paw Touring tire.”

When designing the new Tiger Paw Touring line, engineers optimized tread/mould
material and
architecture design that allows the new tire to provide excellent wet performance
without compromising tread life. Previous technology resulted in this wet-wear
compromise. In testing at the company’s tire proving grounds, the new Tiger Paw
Touring demonstrated outstanding wear,
dry braking and handling, wet braking and handling, resistance to hydroplaning and
overall improved noise, according to the company.

The Tiger Paw Touring tire is now available in 36 sizes including 22 T-speed rated
sizes (up to 190 km/h) and 14 H-rated sizes (up to 210 km/h); V-rated sizes (up to
240 km/h) will be introduced in 2005.

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