March 1, 2007

New U.S. hydrogen fuelling station opens with BMW support

Irvine, California – With BMW as a project collaborator, the newest U.S. hydrogen filling station has officially opened at the University of California in Irvine. Launched by Air Products, it is the first fuelling station in the country with the ability to dispense hydrogen at varied and advanced pressures, and the first to be sited at a location with wider accessibility for vehicle fuelling demonstrations.

“BMW is proud to be a member of this project team, which is another milestone on the way to sustainable mobility and wide acceptance of alternative fuels,” says Tom Purves, Chairman and CEO of BMW North America. “We at BMW believe that hydrogen will replace petroleum in the long term. To accomplish this we must begin to take steps now, in order to ensure a smooth transition to a hydrogen-based economy in the future.”

Last year, BMW debuted its Hydrogen 7, the world’s first hydrogen-driven luxury performance automobile. The car’s engine is capable of running on either liquid hydrogen or gasoline.

The new hydrogen station will offer hydrogen in gas form from the onset, and is planning to add liquid hydrogen dispensing in late 2007. The station was launched in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, and is supported by BMW and other automobile manufacturers with hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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