Toronto, Ontario – Toronto-based marketing company CityFlitz has announced its new auto-sharing service in the Greater Toronto Area. The company will offer access to a fleet of Mini Coopers, Mini Cooper Clubmans and Smart cars, wrapped in an advertisement for Yahoo! Canada, to its members for $1.00 per day.

“Using the CityFlitz fleet of wrapped Mini Coopers for our latest campaign was a viable and effective channel to reach our target audience in a way that is measurable,” said Dave Soyka, Marketing Manager at Yahoo! Canada. “Having the cars on the road 24/7 gives us the opportunity to offer a unique consumer experience and reach a broader audience in a more cost effective and creative way.”

In order to qualify for the $1.00-per-day cars, members are required to drive the vehicle at least 30 km each day, with unlimited city mileage beyond that.

“The reason why our rental fee can be so low is the fact that our advertisers want to have their branded cars on the road so they can achieve maximum exposure to their target audience,” said Andreas Kotal, President and CEO of CityFlitz. “We are able to offer this exceptional value of $1-per-day rentals to consumers as part of the agreement to maximize exposure of a client’s branding.”

Renters will be able to use the vehicles for up to one week at a time within the Greater Toronto Area. CityFlitz plans to expand the auto-sharing service to include Vancouver in the near future. For more information, visit CityFlitz.

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