Akron, Ohio – A new partnership between business magazine Tire Review and AskPatty.com, an automotive advice web site for women, will offer tire dealers an extensive educational and marketing program for female customers in Canada and the U.S.

The program will help tire retailers and staff to improve their marketing and sales skills, and become “Certified Female Friendly” through a high-level, market-specific training program. In addition, the AskPatty.com for Tire Dealers Program will assist dealers in reaching and building lasting relationships with female tire and vehicle service customers through a unique marketing support program.

Research shows that women purchase more than 65 per cent of all vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada and heavily influence 85 per cent of vehicle, tire and service buying decisions. However, shopping for tires and services can be a challenge for women, who may be first-time purchasers, feel intimidated, or have suffered a poor experience in a prior purchase, according to AskPatty.com CEO Jody DeVere. “Selling to today’s women customers means more than just having a clean restroom,” DeVere said. “That was the old way of doing business. Today, women judge businesses on a different set of criteria from male consumers, with buying decisions based on confidence, comfort and convenience, and they will seek out and maintain relationships with tire retailers that consistently deliver those things. Most importantly, women are active, busy consumers who value trust, and readily share their experiences with others.”

The program is being rolled out this month across Canada and the U.S.



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