August 13, 2007

New technology replaces 500-tonne bridge overnight

Ottawa, Ontario – For the first time in Ontario, technology that can lift and move 500-tonne bridges was used to remove and replace a bridge overnight. The technology was used to replace the Island Park Bridge on Highway 417 in Ottawa.

The technology, called rapid replacement technology, has been used previously in North America and Europe; it lifts bridges out of the way and replaces them with pre-constructed bridges in a relatively short amount of time, with no demolition required.

“Highway 417 is an important economic corridor used daily by more than 7,500 trucks and 150,000 commuters and tourists,” says Richard Patten, Ottawa Centre MPP. “This is a magnificent technological achievement. Our community, cottagers and tourists depend on this bridge, so minimal down-time benefits everyone.”

The $8.6 million contract to replace the bridge was awarded to Dufferin Construction Company of Oakville, Ontario. Other work included adding a new concrete median barrier, lights and noise barrier wall.

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