Greenwich, Connecticut – U.S.-based Electric Truck LLC has optioned exclusive commercial rights to a technology developed by Tufts University in Boston that can recharge the batteries of any hybrid-electric or electric-powered vehicle while it is being driven.

The technology could increase the miles per gallon or total driving range performance of hybrid or electric cars by 20 to 70 per cent, the company said. The cost-effective invention harnesses the vehicle’s movement to generate electricity, which is used to continually recharge the battery while the vehicle is in motion.

Since the technology uses the vehicle’s weight for energy recovery, the company said it could help speed the expansion of the hybrid and battery electric vehicle market to vehicles of greater size, weight and payload, including SUVs, pickup and delivery trucks, mail trucks, school and city buses, and other light- and medium-duty trucks. These vehicles represent a large market segment based on commercial need, as well as some of the largest sources of emissions.

The technology was developed more than a decade ago by Tufts engineering progressor emeritus Ronald Goldner and colleague Peter Zerigian within the university’s School of Engineering, and received additional support in subsequent years from Argonne National Laboratory.

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