Sterling Heights, Michigan – Two new technologies that may improve auto assembly and benefit the environment have been unveiled by assembly line innovator KUKA Systems.

The two technologies, injectable acoustic insulting compound and  enhanced corrosion protection application, were developed in-house with the encouragement of a global European-based auto manufacturer that has signed on as a launch customer for both, the company said.

The injectable acoustic insulating system allows automakers to use an acrylate compound for vehicle soundproofing, applied by robots, in place of traditional mats that must be custom-cut and hand-positioned. Three industrial robots apply the substance to doors, tailgates and other parts on the assembly line. The compound is lighter and more environmentally-friendly than bitumen mats, and the automated application system is flexible enough to adjust to any vehicle type or model.

The corrosion protection system consists of point-by-point and sequential wax application, using a dual automated sweep that makes it possible to cover a larger area in less time than currently required. Nozzle cleaning is performed during the process, an industry first, and uses an environmentally-friendly water bath and automated disposal of the cleaning fluid.

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