November 22, 2007

New software program could reduce automotive product development by one year

Hertfordshire, England – A researcher at the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Aerospace, Automotive and Design Engineering (AADE) in England has been honoured for software development that will make it possible to produce a product development plan in 90 minutes, instead of the full year previously required. Dr. Dave Pearce was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Achievement in a Doctoral Research Programme for his work, which is geared toward the automotive industry.

Dr. Pearce, who spent twenty years working as a design and manufacturing engineer, said the reduction in time needed to bring a product to market will create a better return on investment. He embarked on the project in 2001 and developed software to automate the process from post-design right through to product implementation.

“In the car industry, for example, there are hundred of thousands of parts which could result in about six hundred thousand activities,” Dr. Pearce said. “This system will simplify this process and make significant savings. For example, if we can get a car on to the market three months earlier than usual, we could save businesses millions of pounds.”

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