October 29, 2002

New Research Chair at University of Windsor expected to benefit automotive manufacturing

Windsor, Ontario – Industry Canada has appointed Dr. Roman Maev the new Industrial Research Chair in Applied Solid State Physics and Material Characterization at the University of Windsor. As well, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC) is providing $875,000 over five years, with DaimlerChrysler Canada contributing a further $850,000 to support the work of the chair.

Dr. Roman Maev is a professor of physics at the University of Windsor and specializes in development of new high frequency acoustic and acousto-optic imaging technology and in developing innovative systems and applications for this technology.

He has been working closely with DaimlerChrysler on a range of projects in the past few years. The additional funding and other support from the government, the company and the university will allow Dr. Maev and his team at the Centre for Imaging Research and Advanced Materials Characterization (IRAMC Centre) to make advancements in manufacturing technology.

“Dr. Maev is an innovator of world-class stature,” said Susan Whelan,
Member of Parliament for Essex, who made today’s announcement on behalf of
Allan Rock, Minister of Industry. “The University of Windsor and
DaimlerChrysler Canada have put together a dynamic partnership.”

“We are very proud of our relationship with the University of Windsor
including our Automotive Research and Development Centre partnership and, with
this announcement, our three industrial research Chairs,” said Ed Brust,
Chairman, President and C.E.O. of DaimlerChrysler Canada.

“We are particularly pleased that our long standing relationship with Dr.
Maev is now reaching a new level of excellence which will provide many more
opportunities for his research to contribute to our exciting industry, our
company, our products and, of course, our country.”

“The creation of this industrial research chair advances the University
of Windsor’s leadership in partnering with Canada’s automotive manufacturing
industry,” said University of Windsor President Ross Paul. “The new chair also
reinforces the University’s excellent working relations with DaimlerChrysler
with whom we share research and education initiatives at our Automotive
Research and Development Centre.”

“We hope to see wonderful results from this investment in our work for
DaimlerChrysler, for our community here in Windsor where the manufacturing
sector is so important, and for Canada,” says Dr. Maev. “Our team at Windsor
is very pleased that DaimlerChrysler is furthering its support for our work.
We appreciate their trust and confidence. And I believe our research centre
will continue to attract more of the best young minds in the world who are
interested in our field of research.”

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